History Of TV Watching Along With The Remote Control

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Hailing from the deep 1970s, I well remember fondly the original remote device television and merely what a totally new section of wonder and joy it turned out, around inside my then-friends house. As I can remember the friend in question was into the one up manship game, ours is preferable to yours, and the like. I just needed to come and see their big new remote control television, a 30 inch set that back 1973 cost a great deal of money.
Struth you didn't even have to get up to alter channels and you could irritate everybody inside the room by secretly fiddling with the brightness, what joy. The first remotes used ultrasonic sound, that have been soon replaced by today's infrared system. Ultrasonic sound that sent your dog into a state of madness should you happened to let it wander in their direction.
Now who didn't torment your dog with their new toy!
My family didn't end up with a handheld remote control television, or colour television as an example prior to the mid seventies, initially I wouldn't watch colour, except with colour rejected or in short black and white.
All my first TV watching experiences were in black and white, doctor who in colour it simply wasn't on., those loud garish colours!
Even now really there are several who will not watch a colour picture, unless which is with the colour rejected! Now few in number, maintaining be at the top end from the age groups, ie 80 plus!
Being a forty something, I can can remember the era of an evaluation card greeting you when clicked the telly on during the day, with shutdown at around midnight, after news at ten.
This really did round over evening and forced that you hit the sack., but sure enough along came morning telly, now a by word for dreary rubbish watched, from the elderly and unemployed.
Today's bewildering variety of channels from various sources, sky, cable Freeview, Freesat, leads us to imagine that we should have every channel going, needless to say working all the time to purchase these channels means were to knackered to view any of them, arriving home and crashing out on the sofa, drifting off right into a deep sleep.
Television to many is an excellent friend, that stands within the corner in the room telling them what is going on in the world, or peering in on fictional tales of peoples every day lives, or even in simple terms the dreaded soap opera. Could it be that this whole of television is simply giant soap opera, the same familiar face telling us exactly what the temperature is doing tomorrow, or even a newsreader reassuring us that there is nothing to really worry about, in connection with a large bomb that merely took whatever part of whatever city by using it.
But I for just one love that box within the corner, despite daytime telly.

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